When one baby born in this world, 2smile you can see. From MOTHER and FATHER. That smile continuous with grandfathers, grandmother, cousin, neighbor, and all people.. But great smile in this world you can see from your father. 
When someone ask your father! Who is father for this baby?! With many proud 
your father said! This is my baby and this is my future and this is my son! 

When baby open their eye to see the world. Mam said to dad! Look baby see me..
(^o^)/ Dad said he look me to mom!! =)
And Father smile and said to mom! Thanks mom for this baby! Mom replay, 
that because I LOVE U ever and ever until days said "This is the last day"..=') 
I love u to honey, we care and raise this baby in many love right! (^_^)/

When baby can talk and can smile! Mom said to dad! Look we baby can smile and said "PAPA" and "MAMA".. Mom said to father in future can you teach her read Al-Quran and ISLAM.. Dad! Smile and said all you said that is what i must make! When baby reach 7year. Mother said can you teach hear "SOLAT".. Dad said! Yes mom i can!

All this situasion is cycle of life when baby know what the world is mom and dad first people pray to Allah! Please protect and care this son same when me care and protect he/she when year ago her is baby. So from this writting Mr.Pingu hope all people please care her baby and give her life to see the world once again.

Baby is the boon(anugerah) from Allah SWT. wslm.. (^O^)/

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