Best Battery APK

March 29, 2013

Best Battery APK

Assalamualaikum WBT .. First of all, soory because very busy .. Thnks for all support .. Untuk Hari ini MP nak kongsi dengan pembaca semua tentang sofware battery untuk android user .. Best apk EVER .. Sebelum itu MP nak mitak maaf dengan pembaca semua kerana lama tidak dapat update blog nie .. MP pergi khusus tu busy sikit .. (^_^)/ Tanpa membuang masa jom layan ~~~

1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver (FREE & BUY)

  • When deep sleep mode, wifi & 3G have been off (but it can change in settings) 
  • When screen turn off all background application have been off ( but can whitelist what application must close or not)
  • Easy to use 
  • Simple design
  • If Need to know what application make your battery drain use Battery Stats Pro 
  • Average ranking 4.3/5.0
2. One Power Guard (FREE)

  • Optimize/ Decrease your CPU
  • Average Ranking 4.3/5.0 
  • Suitable for HP who have great CPU
  • 6 Mode Can easily change
  • Optimizer Charger Stats
Gud Luck ALL .. (M_P)/


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